Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

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Unlimited Potential specializes in leadership renewal and development. We help our clients discover their authentic leadership and to take their organization to the next level. We provide executive coaching, customized leadership development programs and strategic planning facilitation services.

Our clients include non-profits, small businesses, large private organizations, academic health sciences centres, hospitals, community-based healthcare delivery organizations, provincial and federal health ministries, and other health organizations.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to equip leaders with life-long leadership skills using the coaching approach to personal and organizational growth and development. By 2014, our programs will have empowered 300 leaders to develop their authentic leadership skills.

Our Mission

To optimize personal and organizational success through authentic leadership.

Our Values

Empowering Others

We know individuals are capable of the extraordinary and they come with what it takes to reach their optimal potential.

Honesty and Integrity

We treat our clients, colleagues and partners with honesty and integrity, and we do what we say we will do.


We love what we do and integrate our values into our coaching and leadership development. Each of us brings a different perspective which enriches our thinking. We embrace and celebrate this.


We are well prepared, well informed about the latest research in our field, and focused on results – ours and our clients'. Our approach is based on evidence. We invest in continuous growth and development and life-long learning.

Fun and Adventure

Life is short – we inject fun and laughter in all we do. We take on new challenges and bring fun and adventure to coaching.


We believe in the spirit of giving and an abundance mentality. We act with generosity in the way we see others, interact with them, and spend our time. We generously share information, resources and our gifts for the benefit of others and give back to our community.

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