Leadership From the Inside Out

Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader?  Are you willing to peel away the layers to identify your values, define your vision, and create a strategic plan to help you realize your vision?

With this blog and my work at Unlimited Potential, my goal is to equip leaders at all stages of their career with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to develop their potential in whatever environment they work in.  Specifically, my passion is nurturing, supporting, and training leaders in the health field.

Leaders in the Canadian health field face unique challenges as each province and territory operates differently within the overall system.  What’s more, the system encompasses not only hospitals but also community care, health promotion and prevention, public and private healthcare providers, and professional associations, all devoted to providing superior care for every patient.  To be effective, leaders must develop their own tools, skill sets, and capabilities so they can develop others, build coalitions, and achieve results, all while considering the diverse needs of the broad system.

My blog will focus on two complementary systems:

The Legacy Leadership® model provides an overall framework of practices, behaviours, attitudes, and values that underscore the importance of living your legacy now.  This complete map for leadership development focuses on the development of others in order to optimize potential within the organization.  A flexible model, Legacy Leadership® reaches across all industries and all levels within an organization.

Developed by Leaders for Life in 2010, the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework is based on the latest leadership literature and focuses on developing leadership capabilities in health. All leadership is situational and this framework considers leadership in the complex world of healthcare.

Whatever your background and industry, the Unlimited Potential blog will provide useful tools and techniques to help you build your skills, develop others, and create your own legacy.  I look forward to the discussions and debates that will arise in the comments and I welcome all questions and suggestions for post topics.


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