Dealing with Work Overwhelm in 9 Steps

Dear Ellen,

I am completely overwhelmed at work. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to handle my responsibilities. Often I work long past "quitting time" husband and kids are really starting to hate my Blackberry! I'm juggling my projects, quarterly and annual reports, and an at-capacity email inbox, while trying to be a good leader for my team. How can I get on track and get it all done?

Thank you,


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Exploring Your Values in the Workplace

Can you remember the first time you truly felt connected to your job?

I can.

I was fresh out of school and working as a physiotherapist at a large teaching hospital in Montreal. My colleagues and I felt young and invincible, and life was beautiful. On the neurosurgery floor, I worked with post-surgery patients, helping them become active again with intense one-on-one sessions. On this floor I met many patients who had terminal brain cancer. This was where I learned my first lessons about living in the moment and it is also where, for the first time, I felt truly inspired and connected to my work. This experience touched me to my core and anchored my true passion.

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Living Life According to Your Values - Why it Matters

Has anyone ever asked you what your values are?

The first time someone asked me, I was dumbfounded. What do values have to do with achieving results, excelling in your work, inspiring others, and leading great teams?

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