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Transforming Leadership - SHIFT Leadership Program


Leading an organization through change requires courage, flexibility and creativity. Unlimited Potential provides leaders with the tools to create collaborative teams, build trust and confidence, and foster exceptional performance – through times of change and beyond.

Success in business is often expressed as increasing revenue. In healthcare, success involves maximizing value for money in spending, improving patient and family-centred experiences and outcomes and providing a coordinated approach to complex needs. In this dynamic environment with its political pressure, public expectations and limited funding, investing in your people’s growth is crucial to achieving success. Having leaders at all levels that are engaged, understand how they contribute to success and who think about innovation and improvement in their daily work is a key strategic success factor in healthcare organizations.

Creating such a workforce does not happen by accident – it happens when you create and nurture an integrated, deliberate leadership culture – one that is directly linked to the organizational strategy. Our SHIFT Leadership Program does exactly that.

Whether you choose one of our programs or create a custom package, our programs are designed specifically for you and your organization. Linked to your organization’s strategy and tailored to your needs, our programs will help you move forward so that you see results that matter to you and your organization.

Explore our programs to choose the best fit for you.

Transform Teams

Increase team effectiveness and decrease conflict

  • LEADS-based Leadership© Development (for healthcare leaders)
  • Strength Deployment Inventory™
  • One-on-one executive coaching

Transform Leaders

Bring your leadership vision to life

  • Rising Leaders program
  • Executive coaching

Transform Culture

Inspire your organization by fostering a coaching culture

  • Coaching skills workshops