Transform Teams: Increase team effectiveness and decrease conflict

Leadership Team Development

This program provides leadership development for senior teams, combining personal leadership with team leadership development. Participants will identify their vision and authentic leadership style and cultivate awareness of interaction styles.

Each team has different needs. We will work with you to assess your needs and develop the right program for your team.

Programs include:

LEADS-based Leadership© Development

Workshops focus on the behaviours, thought processes, and skills leaders must master in order to lead by example and inspire their teams.

Based on the LEADS in a Caring Environment Leadership Framework, this program is made up of on-line or in-person workshops designed around five modules:

  • Lead Self
  • Engage Others
  • Achieve Results
  • Develop Coalitions
  • System Transformation

All workshops include one-on-one or team coaching. Coaching allows participants to apply what they have learned in their real environment and empowers them to make real changes that stick. Opt in for six additional coaching sessions to optimize learning and reap the benefits of having a certified coach in your corner.

The LEADS-based Leadership Program will ultimately save money in recruiting, hiring, and training new staff by grooming dynamic and motivated employees for internal promotion. As they learn, high achieving leaders become exemplary role models who will improve workplace morale, productivity, and overall staff engagement.

Join our on-line Rising Leaders Program or choose to have the LEADS leadership workshop tailored to your organization's needs.

Understanding Conflict

The Strength Deployment Inventory™ is a tool to help team members to discover their interaction style, motivational values and reactions to conflict. Highly customized, it delves into self-awareness, personal strengths, and responses to conflict.

You will:

  • discover how your own motivation and values influence your behavior;
  • gain a better understanding of the motivation and behavior of others;
  • identify your personal response to conflict – and make more effective choices as a result;
  • learn ways to anticipate, prevent and manage conflict situations in your life;
  • capture relationship-building techniques to apply immediately.

SDI can change the way you approach:

  • Change Management
  • Board Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Culture
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Resolution

Executive Coaching

The key to fulfilling, sustainable success in the workplace is to grow your ability to collaborate and co-create with others.

Coaching is a powerful investment. Executive coaching with certified coach will help you:

  • challenge your assumptions and approaches;
  • identify challenges and help work through solutions;
  • move forward, both professionally and personally, so that you have an impact on your organization;
  • apply what you have learned to your own work environment;
  • feel empowered to make real changes that stick.

Opt in for six additional coaching sessions to optimize learning and reap the benefits of having a certified coach in your corner.

Contact us to discuss what suits you best.