Healthcare Leadership

balancingstonesRenewing Healthcare Leadership

Welcome to the Healthcare Leadership Portal, Unlimited Potential’s web space devoted especially to healthcare professionals who have taken, or who aspire to take, a leadership role within their organizations.

The portal aims to demystify what it means to be a leader. We have developed practical tools for personal and professional development that will equip participants with the necessary knowledge, confidence and know-how to become and remain effective healthcare leaders, both within their organizations and across the system.

In the Healthcare Leadership Portal, you can:

  • share stories;
  • see great leadership in action;
  • celebrate excellence;
  • learn from challenges;
  • review profiles of role models who embody transformational leadership, live their values and lead by example.
  • work together to create and empower a vibrant leadership community at all levels of the healthcare system.

In partnership with:

LEADS in a Caring Environment: The Canadian Health Leadership Capabilities Framework

This framework outlines the key skills, abilities and knowledge required to lead at all levels of the health system. It forms the backbone of our health leadership development programs.